AMLJIA Safety Teleconference


Phone: 1-255-257-2693

Tuesday, April 2, 2019
10:00 AM-10:30 AM

Please call in toll-free to the AMLJIA's Monthly Safety Teleconference! It’s as simple as following these instructions:

  • Dial toll-free 855-257-8693 at five minutes before the meeting time (this helps us get started on time).
  • When prompted, enter the participant code 3008007 and you’re connected! (As a courtesy to others, please enter *6 to mute your phone when you are not speaking. You can unmute your phone by entering *6 again.)

This free monthly safety meeting teleconference allows you to participate in an open forum format. This is a good time to get answers to questions, share ideas about any topic, and network. Please don’t hesitate to speak up!

This month's topic is Good Housekeeping Practices.

Notes from each meeting should be distributed to your administrator. Safety reports should be incorporated into school board and city council meeting agendas to help raise awareness and gain support.

Be sure to send in your meeting notes and attendance for credit in the Loss Control Incentive Program. 

Questions? Call 1-800-337-3682