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Timely Reporting is Essential


The best defense of a potential claim is achieved through early reporting and investigation. This will provide you with assurance that you have coverage for the event even if a claim is not made until years later. Prompt reporting gives the AMLJIA claims staff a chance to investigate and interview witnesses while the facts are all still fresh in people’s minds.

Sometimes members are afraid that reporting a potential claim will drive up their contribution.  In fact, the opposite is true. Timely reporting can save money by allowing our claims team to proactively manage claims. As a member, you will also benefit by receiving an assessment of the potential liability and advice on such matters as further liability exposures, evaluations, and corrective actions.

You can file most claims online at If you have any questions about filing, please call 800-337-3682 for assistance. 


Reporting Workers' Compensation Claims

In the event of a workplace injury, members must immediately report a Workers’ Compensation claim with the Alaska Municipal League Joint Insurance Association (AMLJIA). Claim forms are located at; click on CLAIMS and then CLAIM FORMS.

Fill out both the Employee and Employer Reports of Injury. Sign and date them. Send both forms in together. Both are required to set up a claim and report electronically to the State of Alaska. Do not send paper claim forms to the State of Alaska. The State only accepts electronic claims, and the AMLJIA will submit them electronically on your behalf.

Under Alaska law, employees have 30 days to inform their employer of a workplace injury and to complete the Employee Report of Injury form. Ensure employees complete line #24 on the form. The employee must notify a person in a supervisory or management role, not a co-worker, to qualify for proper notice.

An employer has 10 days under Alaska law from the time they are aware of a workplace injury to file the Employer and Employee Report of Injury. The employer must fill out the form completely with date of hire, pay rate, job title, date employer was made aware of injury, etc.

No documents or signature are required from the local clinic or health practitioner in order to file a claim.

If the injured employee was injured while working on a water/sewer or building project with Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium (ANTHC), Village Safe Water (VSW), or another entity, please only file the claim if the employee is a city employee paid by funds coming from your municipality. Call the AMLJIA if you are uncertain which entity the employee works for!

While it may be true that an injured employee has medical benefits with the Federal government due to their Alaska Native status, please do not assume a claim should not be filed for a small injury or accident. If the injured employee fails to file a claim and it later becomes a more serious injury requiring time off from work, then the employee may be denied benefits because of late reporting. This means the injured employee may not receive benefits like temporary disability, permanent disability, vocational rehabilitation, etc.

The AMLJIA wants to ensure injured workers receive the benefits they are entitled to. It is important that every on-the-job injury is reported in a timely manner.