Risk Control Services

The Risk Management Department is committed to providing efficient, valued resources and assistance to enable members to effectively identify, analyze and control risks.

AMLJIA Risk Control Services staff, along with all AMLJIA departments, will work with your staff to complete a thorough review of your community's unique exposure to loss. The result is an insurance plan designed to decrease claims and coverage costs. Personalized service and individual attention to each community is what you can expect from the AMLJIA. But those aren’t the only benefits.

Ballistic Vest Reimbursement Program

Recent shootings of police officers in Alaska and the Lower 48 highlight the need for ballistic vest protection for our law enforcement officers. The AMLJIA has instituted the Ballistic Vest Reimbursement Program to help our member police agencies and their officers stretch their budgets while obtaining life-saving protective gear. Eligible applicants may receive reimbursement up to 50% of the purchase price for ballistic vests. Click here for an application.

Training Programs

The AMLJIA provides members with regional and on-site training programs in a wide variety of loss prevention topics. Frequently requested topics include Sexual Harassment Awareness, OSHA required training, Employment Related Practices, School In-Service, Public Entity Risk Management and much more.

Live Training

The AMLJIA sponsors workshops and seminars, at the Alaska Municipal League's Annual Local Government Conference, and at other times throughout the year. Watch for notice of the Annual AMLJIA Public Entity Risk Management Seminar and Law Enforcement Management Institute held in the Spring.

Risk Management Site Review

Members may request a comprehensive on-site evaluation and review of all entity operations and properties by AMLJIA risk control specialists. A formal report, complete with photos and loss control recommendations, identifies potential hazards and reasonable solutions.

Online University

The AMLJIA Online University is open 24/7 to any member with a computer access. This free service provides access to a variety of safety and human resource courses, from defensive driving and office safety to effective supervisory skills. AMLJIA also provides periodic live online web training.

Property Appraisals

Accurate values means full protection for your buildings. AMLJIA's no-cost appraisal service takes the worry out of proper coverage and correct valuation. Through on-site, thorough reviews of each building, and final review by a certified appraisal service, your buildings will be properly protected at full replacement cost.

Web Site Access

Members now have 24-hour access to many of the tools we provide. See what's new at the AMLJIA, download Safety Minutes and newsletter articles, view Bylaws and other documents, contact staff members, and find helpful links.

Personal History Background Checks

The AMLJIA offers professionally prepared personal history background checks for our member organizations. Four levels of screening services are available:

  • Basic Screening – for entry level employees or positions where the employer has internally checked references

  • Standard Screening – for more responsible positions and permanent hire

  • Extended Screening – for positions involving increased responsibility or supervision of others

  • Integrity Check – for any positions involving significant responsibility, or access to cash or assets.

The AMLJIA is providing this service in partnership with Greg Russell of Russell Consulting, LLC.

Request a Personal History Background Check by contacting Sharon Tunnell at sharont@amljia.org or calling 1-800-337-3682.

Employment Law Hotline

Through email or a toll-free phone call, members can be in direct contact with attorney Kim Dunn, specializing in employment-related issues. When faced with a potential employment situation, the hotline provides a no-cost 30 minute consultation.

Unless it's an emergency, please take a minute to check the following items BEFORE you call your AMLJIA Employment Law Hotline:

  • Do you have your personnel handbook, policies, or whatever rules govern hiring and employee conduct? If you can, locate the sections that seem to relate to the problem. If you have the policies available electronically, please email them to hotline@amljia.org before making your call to the Hotline.

  • Do you have a personnel file for the employee? Please have it in front of you before calling the Hotline.

  • Are there emails related to the issue? Please forward them to hotline@amljia.org before calling the Hotline.

Call 1-877-4AMLJIA (1-877-426-5542) to speak with Kim Dunn today!

Human Resources

AMLJIA offers assistance to member administrators, managers, superintendents and city clerks with employment-related issues in the areas of counseling, general feedback, customizing policies and procedures, employee handbooks, job descriptions, and training. Members may also receive advice on employment laws or how to proceed with specific employment related issues. For human resources services please contact Kim Dunn at AMLJIA's Employment Law Hotline, 1-877-4AMLJIA (1-877-426-5542), or email hotline@amljia.org.

Law Enforcement Practices Consulting

AMLJIA along with Russell Consulting, LLC provides members with advice and education concerning law enforcement practices. Technical assistance, on-site field visits, support and mentoring to newly elected or appointed law enforcement CEO's and police practices training are just a few of the services provided. For more information contact Greg Russell at police@amljia.org.

Safety Savings Account 

As your partner in providing a safe and healthy workplace for your employees, the AMLJIA has developed the Safety Savings Account program to improve safety and risk management in your community. Each year, the AMLJIA earmarks money into an account for your entity. If it is unused, it remains available for use the following year along with any increased funds that have been appropriated. The Safety Savings Account helps you provide your employees with the safety equipment they need to protect themselves from on-the-job injuries.

On-Site Training 

We are  happy to do an in-service training session for your entity. Sessions focus on safety and risk management topics of interest to our members. We want to serve your needs, call us if you have a special area of interest.


The Bridge
is our quarterly newsletter focusing on current issues of interest to municipalities and school districts. It offers a range of timely, informative articles geared toward addressing the needs of our members, as well as highlighting important news about AMLJIA’s programs and events. Members also receive the monthly Safety Minute, a single-page bulletin featuring a safety topic you can use as a training aid for monthly safety meeting. We want to keep you in the Know!

Drivers' Packets

Protecting your entity when an accident occurs is an important part of risk management. To help you in case of an automobile accident, the AMLJIA has developed drivers' envelopes with instructions on what to do. These drivers' packets should be kept in the glove compartment of your vehicles for use after an accident. Collecting information at the scene is an important tool for remembering exactly what happened. Consider supplementing these packets with disposable cameras.

Technical Assistance

The AMLJIA risk control specialists will answer your questions on how to reduce the liability of your operations. Our risk control specialists are constantly keeping appraised of the current risk management issues of interest to our membership. If you are thinking about doing something new, or just want to improve the way you are already doing something, give us a call. There is no reason to reinvent the wheel!

CONTACT INFORMATION TOLL FREE at (800)337-3682 or (907)258-2625

Sharon Tunnell, Member Services Coordinator, sharont@amljia.org

Have questions? Please contact us any time. We are happy to assist you!