Police Professional

Law Enforcement Practices

Russell Consulting, LLC and the AMLJIA provide members with advice and education concerning law enforcement practices, along with support and mentoring for elected or appointed law enforcement CEO’s as well as:

Technical assistance concerning police practices to include:

  • Review and consultation of AMLJIA member policies and procedures.

  • Respond to incidents of AMLJIA members for on-site assistance involving a situation where litigation is ultimately probable. 

On-site field visits

  • Conduct risk exposure assessments and pre-loss consulting.

  • Provide on-site assistance to help an agency make modifications in their policies and practices to mitigate risk.

  • Conduct thorough confidential investigations of incidents that have or are likely to result in litigation.

  • Conduct police professional liability claims reviews to identify trends, patterns, or policy failures that may be corrected to reduce future claims.

Police practices training

  • Mentoring of newly elected or appointed law enforcement CEO’s to assist AMLJIA members in the proper recruitment of law enforcement CEO’s.

  • Seek grant funding on behalf of AMLJIA, for acquiring technology and emergency equipment or training for use by AMLJIA members.

Personal history background checks

  • Credit checks, resume validation, criminal history checks, work history verification, personal and professional reference.

  • Fair Credit Reporting Act compliant.

         Request a Personal History Background Check by emailing sharont@amljia.org  or calling 1-800-337-3682.


And  much more!

Contact Greg Russell by calling (907) 398-2770 or by emailing police@amljia.org.