Law Enforcement Management Institute *SINGLE DAY REGISTRATION - JAILS*


APD Training Academy
3760 W. Dimond Blvd.

Friday, May 22, 2020
8:00 AM-5:00 PM

Law Enforcement Management Institute

Featured speaker: Jack Ryan

Law enforcement officers must have a working knowledge of the developing laws relating to police civil liability and discipline. Officers must be aware that they may be held accountable for decisions made by a court having jurisdiction over them. It is the developing law that guides police training, operations, and individual conduct. A failure to recognize the importance of this area of the law can lead to serious monetary consequences for individual police officers, supervisors, police executives and police agencies as a whole. In extreme cases, a failure to follow the rules set forth by the courts can result in criminal sanctions.

This course is structured in such a way as to assist officers and agencies in making an assessment of their particular level of risk-exposure by examining court decisions that have interpreted acceptable standards of conduct by officers. Training will include:

  • Legal Update & Reducing Liability for Law Enforcement, (16 hours, May 19-20)
  • Enhancing Agency and Officer Performance (8 hours, May 21)
  • Legal and Liability Issues for Jails (8 hours, May 22). Register below if you wish to attend ONLY Legal and Liability Issues for Jails.

About the Speaker:
Jack Ryan is a practicing attorney who formerly served for 20 years with the Providence, RI, police department. His law degree and police experience provide a unique perspective on legal issues facing public safety agencies. Mr. Ryan has defended officers and municipalities in use of force cases and provides technical assistance to police departments on policy development and force management.

Training is being provided in joint effort by the AMLJIA and the Alaska Police Standards Council. The registration fee is $225 for AMLJIA members or $325 for non-members for this 32-hour APSC certified training. Registration fee payable by check to: AMLJIA, 807 G Street, Suite 356, Anchorage, AK 99501. AMLJIA members will be eligible for a travel subsidy upon course completion.

Questions? Email Sharon Tunnell or call 800-337-3682.

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