Members of the AMLJIA, whether you are a small school or a large municipality, can expect to receive personalized service from a highly specialized staff. You can also expect to receive affordable coverage through the AMLJIA pool. Since 1988, AMLJIA has provided coverage that is crafted to meet the unique needs and challenges of each of our members.

Coverage Programs

Alaska municipalities and school districts can find the coverage they need in the AMLJIA program. Through the AMLJIA pool, members have joined together to provide affordable coverage, such as:

  • Property - Replacement Value

  • Earthquake/Flood Coverage

  • General Liability

  • Public Officials' Liability

  • School Leaders' E & O

  • Auto Liability

  • Comprehensive & Collision

  • Student Accident Coverage

  • Workers' Compensation/Employer's Liability

  • Crime Coverage

  • Police Professional Liability

  • Employment Related Practices

  • Small Boat Harbors

  • Liquor Liability

  • Cyber Liability

Customized Coverage of Large Entities

Large municipalities and school districts may need broader coverage, higher limits, and have large self-insured retentions. AMLJIA can work with these members to create an economical, custom-made program that will fill the unique needs of Alaska's largest public entities. When a public entity combines municipal services, schools, police departments and other specialized exposures like hospitals, boat harbors, and airports, savings can be realized by exploring some of the programs available for large municipalities.

AMLJIA works with all members to provide other coverages as needed.

NOTE: This summary of coverage is intended to aid your understanding of the AMLJIA self-insurance pooling program. It is not intended to replace, supersede or supplement your Participant Coverage Memorandum, the Association's Bylaws or the Cooperative Participation Agreement



The Underwriting Department takes personal responsibility to instill confidence and trust, and to develop our most accurate understanding of each unique member’s exposures, in order to fully protect all AMLJIA members.

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Paul Bryner, Underwriting Manager

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