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The Law At Work

The Employment Law Hotline is a service for AMLJIA members. When faced with a potential employment situation, the Hotline provides a no-cost, 30-minute consultation for AMLJIA member administrators and supervisors. Through email or a toll-free phone call, you can be in direct contact with an attorney specializing in employment law and employment-related issues. If the issue requires more time, you will be advised to contact other counsel or get authorization from AMLJIA for more time. Call the employment hotline next time you are faced with:

  • The need to lay off employees
  • A discipline problem
  • The need to restructure a department
  • Whether or not to terminate an employee

Please remember: The AMLJIA may defend a wrongful-discharge claim ONLY if the member consults legal counsel BEFORE terminating any employee, and follows the attorney’s advice.

Unless it’s an emergency, please take a minute to check the following items BEFORE you call your AMLJIA Employment Law Hotline:

  • Do you have your personnel handbook, policies, or whatever rules govern hiring and employee conduct? If you can, locate the sections that seem to relate to the problem. If you have the policies available electronically, please email them to before making your call to the Hotline.
  • Do you have a personnel file for the employee? Please have it in front of you before calling the Hotline.
  • Are there emails related to the issue? Please forward them to before calling the Hotline.

Call the Employment Law Hotline at 1-877-4AMLJIA (1-877-426-5542).