Facility Inspections Spot Problems Early

The AMLJIA Loss Control Incentive Program encourages members to conduct biannual inspections of all properties. A simple checklist is provided to lead you through the process. Facility inspections can help you identify potential problems early, before an accident or loss occurs. Are walking surfaces in good condition? Are fire extinguishers readily available and inspections current? Are materials stored properly? Don't ignore the little things that can create big problems. Be sure to inspect your properties and make any necessary corrections. Click here to request a facility inspection checklist.


News and Updates

Online Coverage Change Requests - The AMLJIA is making change a little easier with online coverage change request forms, available now in the Members Area.


Event Highlights

OSHA 10-hour General Industry Outreach Training
The AMLJIA provides this training free to AMLJIA members, and travel subsidies are available. Click here for additional information and online registration.

AMLJIA Public Entity Risk Management Seminar
This annual event provides an opportunity  to come together to share ideas, problem-solve, and develop strategies for implementing risk control procedures in each member's own unique setting. Registration is free for AMLJIA members, and travel subsidies are available. Click here for additional information.

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