Labor Law Poster Scams

The labor law poster industry is using scare tactics to get your business. All employers are required by law to display state and federal labor law posters, and it can be a challenge to keep the information up to date. The labor law poster industry uses tactics such as letters and phone calls that appear to come from a government agency threatening severe fines and penalties for non-compliance. A "Final Notice" says a fee is due. Another letter threatens "Suspension of Coverage."

DON'T BE TRICKED BY AGRESSIVE SALES TACTICS! All state and federal labor law posters are available for free from the United States Department of Labor and the State of Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development, but the AMLJIA has a better solution for our members. Call 1-800-337-3682 or email to learn how the AMLJIA can keep your labor law posters compliant at no cost to you!


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Online Coverage Change Requests - The AMLJIA is making change a little easier with online coverage change request forms, available now in the Members Area.


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