Review Your HazCom Program

June 1, 2016, marked the final effective completion date of OSHA's updated Hazard Communication standard, adopted in 2012. It is important that you review your HazCom program and make sure that you are fully compliant with the updated standard:

  • All employees who may be exposed to hazardous chemicals under normal working conditions should have received training on the updated Hazard Communication standard.
  • Safety Data Sheets should be available for all chemicals in the workplace which are considered to be a health or physical hazard.
  • Hazardous chemicals which are transferred to a portable container and not used within a work shift and under control of the employee who performed the transfer require a compliant label.

Employers have a responsibility to read and understand the Hazard Communication standard and to inform and train employees about the standard, workplace hazards, and protective measures. AMLJIA members can contact their Risk Control Specialists for more information and training.

News and Updates

E-Cigarette Poisoning Risk - E-cigarettes, which come in bright colors and appealing flavors and scents particularly attractive to young children, contain a liquid nicotine solution that can be deadly. Just a few drops of liquid nicotine could result in a trip to the emergency room, and ingestion of less than 1/4 teaspoon may be fatal to a child.


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AASB Annual Conference
"Every Student, Every Story" is the theme for AASB's Annual Conference at the Anchorage Hilton Hotel on November 10-13, 2016. Registration opens September 18. Click here for more information.

AML Annual Local Government Conference
Join us in Anchorage to discuss, attend workshops, and craft priorities that will help us in "Picking Up the Pieces" as we face a new economic reality. Newly Elected Officials (NEO) Seminar takes place on Monday & Tuesday, November 14-15, 2016, and the Local Government Conference will be Wednesday through Friday, November 16-18. Click here for more information and online registration.

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